DUhatch is a startup incubator at Duke University committed to providing student entrepreneurs with the resources they need to turn their vision into reality.

Our office space is located in the Foundry (Gross Hall)

Our office space is located in the Foundry (Gross Hall)

We're here to help you get started

We firmly believe that entrepreneurship is best learned by doing. At DUhatch, we are committed to helping students with entrepreneurial ambitions realize their ideas. Turning an idea in to a business is hard and complicated, especially if you're a student. School is both demanding and distracting. You need advice and mentoring when faced with issues or new possibilities. We provide you with office space and connect you to experts in fields such as intellectual property, engineering, and marketing.

What do we offer?


Most entrepreneurs struggle to find the right support systems when they start working on their idea. We provide you with resources such as office space, mentorship, and access to the Duke entrepreneurship network so that you can concentrate on doing what matters the most: building your business. 


We provide access to top-notch professional advice by organizing mentoring and advisory sessions for our teams. Mentors associated with DUhatch include experts in intellectual property, finance and accounting and experienced entrepreneurs. We publish a list of mentors who will be advising our teams every semester. Check out our full list of mentors for Fall 2016. 


At DUhatch, we are committed to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within the Duke community. Through events such as showcases, workshops and seminars, we aim to bring creative people together to facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas.

How can you join?

A big part of what makes DUhatch a great place is that we have always housed start-ups tackling problems in a wide variety of fields. Our current batch has businesses building products in fields ranging from industrial safety devices to physical therapy compliance. Past teams have been equally diverse, working on products ranging from the world's healthiest energy drink to image processing software to help farmers.

Click here to apply as either a new team or a new staff member.