Alumni Teams


WorkerSense is a data-driven solution to facilitating optimized safety and productivity on construction sites. They have run two pilot runs with construction companies during the 2016 summer and have several major deals on the horizon. 



Walla is an app that provides a safe, crowdsourced platform that finds people in the same location based on common interest and mutual benefit, allowing for spontaneous meetups and events.

FarmShots analyzes satellite & drone imagery of farms to reduce scouting efforts and fertilizer application.

During its time with DUhatch, FarmShots raised over $650K, and it has since then gone on to raise another $1.1 million in Venture Capital.



The world's best energy drink. 



Developing the next generation of motion capture wearable sensors to keep athletes on the field longer. 

During her time with DUhatch, the founder was accepted as a Thiel Fellow. 

A non-ferrous and electronic material recycling company. The company current has 25 staffers and about $9 million in revenue.

Brainbuild automates nutrition planning for collegiate and professional athletes. Their mobile app analyzes personal schedules and sends out real-time reminders & food suggestions at the most optimal times each day. So far, Brainbuild has been adopted by six university athletic departments across the country and continues to grow.



Digit Medical streamlines the diagnostic process for physicians by automating intelligent patient-to-doctor communication.





A service to streamline National Honor Society operations.