Here are some recognition that our past alumni have gotten: The Co-founder and CEO of BioMetrix was awarded a Thiel Fellowship. Farmshots raised $1.1 million in funding. Walla won the Duke Startup Challenge. 


MATI is the world’s best energy drink. It’s more stimulating than a Red Bull. It tastes great, because it’s made with fresh fruit juice. Added bonus: it’s super healthy, with all natural ingredients that include just water, plants, and juices. And it’s just 45 calories per can. 



FarmShots analyzes satellite & drone imagery of farms to reduce scouting efforts and fertilizer application.During its time with DUhatch, FarmShots raised over $650K, and it has since then gone on to raise another $1.1 million in Venture Capital.

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Walla is an app that provides a safe, crowdsourced platform that finds people in the same location based on common interest and mutual benefit, allowing for spontaneous meetups and events.