Want to join as a new team?

Though the cohort for the fall semester has been chosen and applications are currently closed, we encourage you to consider applying when our applications go up again for the spring semester. Each semester, we reevaluate current and new team applications alike. 

Currently Available Staff Positions:

Team Consultants

Law Specialists

Business Specialists


Team Consultant


DUhatch is continually hiring a number of Team Consultants for this upcoming year on a rolling basis. Team Consultants, based on their background, pair with a team and work with them one-on-one throughout the year in a multitude of capacities. Whether an engineer, business student, law student, or otherwise, consultants will work with their paired teams as they progress through the course of their business. As a consultant, you may be asked to help engineer a new medical device, design a new marketing strategy for a social media app, or maybe even work through the IP strategy section of a business plan. Whatever the task, we will ensure that your background and goals are well-aligned with the needs and functions of your paired team. If you would like to find out more about current DUhatch teams, please click here. These positions are currently unpaid, but have resulted in full time job offers by our start-ups in the past and provide excellent experience for future job opportunities.

Job Requirements

·       Commitment of extracurricular work between ~5-10 hrs/week

General Qualifications

·       Necessary qualifications will vary with the needs and functions of our teams. Consequently, there are no hard and fast qualifications for this role beyond the noted time commitment and an enthusiasm for start-up companies.


Law & Business Specialists


As with Team Consultants, DUhatch is continually looking for Law Specialists and Business Specialists. As specialists, you will be working across several teams providing deeper expertise in your given field. Whether it's helping teams with patents or incorporation as a Law Specialist or walking teams through the financials as a Business Specialist, you will be aiding the teams based on their specific needs and goals. As with the Team Consultant position, these positions are unpaid, though they provide incredible experience. 

Job Requirements

·       Commitment of extracurricular work between ~5-10 hrs/week

General Qualifications

·       Law specialists should be currently enrolled in the Duke Law school; Business specialists should be currently enrolled in the Fuqua School of Business. Beyond that, we simply look for an enthusiasm for start-up companies and an entrepreneurial mindset.