Current Teams

Alaska Community Partners

Alaska Community Partners

Alaska Community Partners offers community nonprofits an opportunity to raise money through fundraising and local businesses an opportunity to increase sales with coupon advertising. 



Cadence is a hardware/software solution that captures biometric analytics from infants and toddlers. Using this real-time information, the system is able to provide immediate alerts about infant health and wellness.


Campus Wallet

CampusWallet is an all-inclusive electronic loyalty program replacing the archaic paper cards that collect stamps.


CataList brings insight from the psychological study of organizational behavior into the space of high-end productivity consumer goods. 
Planners for planners, they're for those who want to own tomorrow, today.



Outfitted uses conjoint analysis to streamline the online apparel shopping experience. Through machine learning, Outfitted emphasizes personalization while generating robust data analytics and serves as a targeted advertising platform.


Tiba Health is a behavioral medicine and artificial intelligence platform that uses a wearable to improve patient outcomes in physical therapy in the face of Medicare’s new value ­based payments model.


Trapezium Technologies is committed to developing technology that can make traffic stops safer encounters for both motorists and law enforcement officers.