Sangha Teahouse


Sangha Teahouse, a Duke-based startup, will provide a unique environment for the Durham community, a place to slow down, to put aside the stresses and cares of our busy lives, to enjoy fine teas and food, and to be present with ourselves and with each other.  

At our teahouse, we will sell and serve tea in an environment that cultivates a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Our mission is to provide a peaceful and restorative space for the Durham community. We will have a tea bar and lounge area, where we will serve healthy, fresh, and sustainably sourced teas and herbal infusions from around the world.

With the purchase and enjoyment of tea at the core of Sangha Teahouse’s mission, other avenues for wellness and community engagement will be layered on top of this central offering. Yoga and meditation classes, wellness workshops, poetry readings, and educational tea seminars are just some of the many resources within the teahouse space that will engage the community on a deep level and help percolate an emphasis on wellness into the broader community.

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